XST1263-F Steelhead Rod

This is a Rainshadow XST1263-F 10’6” 8-12 lb Steelhead/Salmon rod for fishing all around the great lakes.  Able to put the brakes on a strong steelhead and on the same token able to man handle a king salmon, this high-caliber rod is an all time favorite here.  When fishing around people or streams with a lot of cover, it makes it impossible to be able to land fish on a softer action rod.  This particular customer does not waste time fighting fish for long periods, and needed something able to take a beating and still perform.  The XST1263 meets that bill accordingly.  The thread is Gudebrod Nylon Gunmetal with Black and Silver Trim, Guides are ALPS XTCYTCG finishing out with the single foot fly guides, Handle is a mixture of light burnt mix, burnt, Natural, and gray and black EVA sheets creating a very unique appearance.  If you are looking for the ultimate fish stopper, look no further.

To see the power capability of this rod check out this video!!