Laurel Ridge Rods ESS-966-2

This rod might look very different from any spinning rod you have encountered, and there are many reasons for it’s particular design.  Fishing in Pennsylvania is a little unique in steelhead alley, you are usually fishing around a large amount of people, and the relatively small nature of some tributaries make it very burdensome to cast long distances for a long drift.  You will see more experienced anglers in a crowd of people underhand flipping egg sacks and single salmon eggs to steelhead, while maintaining a short drift in respect to proximity of other anglers.  This rod was developed around those parameters.  The short fighting butt and longer fore grip are reminiscent of the Michigan style handle design.

This particular rod utilized dalmatian rubberized cork on the rear grip, met by a Big Leaf Maple burl butt cap, inletted into the rear grip.  Reel seat hardware is the Fuji Cobra size 17 spinning seat, with matching Big Leaf maple burl insert.  Thread is Pro Wrap Banana Split NCP with Burgundy NCP to give a thread a flare, but retro look.  The guide wraps utilize an off-angle inlay.  Guides are Fuji YSG.