Rainshadow IF1082-2 Spin Rod

This rod is rather simple, and can hardly be considered a “true” custom job, however, I feel as if it is important to be able to fit all needs in a rod for someone, and any rod builder that is in it for customer satisfaction will do their fair share of simple assembly rods, rods that perform, however do not break the bank or give a misgiving feeling about getting it dirty.  This rod features a Rainshadow RX7 Salmon Steelhead spin rod blank, with a 12 inch natural rear cork handle, EVA butt cap, size 17 Spin Seat, and 3.5 inch natural cork foregrip.  Thread is Pro-Wrap Steel Forged with silver trim, guides are ALPS BYAG spin guides.  I crafted this rod after a special friend who is a delegate of the Pennsylvania Fish Commission, and with my assistance was able to catch his first steelhead in Erie.  His equipment was out-dated and not suited for the rigors of steelhead fishing, so I was employed to help him out with a simple piece of equipment simply meant to get the job done.  My favorite kind of rod.