Dan Craft 4WT Custom Trout and Small Stream Centerpin

A request came for a small stream and trout specific centerpin that was easily pack-able but powerful enough for larger trout.  Being no stranger to fly rod conversions for trout and steelhead, the 10′ GXT 4 WT from Dan Craft Enterprises was the optimal choice.  The perfect blend of power and sensitivity for trout fishing with a center pin.
Fitted with a John Milner River Wraithe, a blue theme carries throughout the cork, reel seat and fighting butt with the thread matching the previous Dan Craft Centerpin fit with this same reel.  The blue burl wood from www.reelseatblanks.com adds great aesthetics and custom look, along with my favorite guides the Fuji KLSG guide setup.  Thankful for the opportunity to provide a one of a kind custom crafted rod to this customer.  He also wanted me to craft him a click stroller but I couldn’t.