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Rod Geeks 9′ 5 WT 4 PC Fly Rod

I had a customer come to me looking to get a cool and unique fly rod for trout fishing around Western PA.  Offering an option from Rod Geeks was a perfect selection.  Not only do they have a variety of American Made blanks to choose from, they offer some really cool custom painting options in a variety of styles.  Check their site out for some more information. 

The 5WT is a staple in Pennsylvania as a fly rod.  It is the ultimate do all for most situations encountered both for nymphing and dry flies.  My customer selected a red a metallic silver arrangement with a unique carbon fiber handle, Forecast aluminum reel seat, along with ALPS brand stripper and double foot guides.  Binding the guides is ProWrap metallic versa blend in red and silver, the wraps compliment the paint scheme very nicely without being too over the top.  Combining simple and unique, this rod casts like a dream.

Diamondback Graphite Boron

A blast from the past, the Diamondback Graphite Boron fly rod blanks were considered a marvel of the times.  This blank was found in an old inventory and brought to me to assemble.  My customer suggested the most simplistic and functional build with minimal thread work.  Using a dark brown thread that melts into the rust colored blank, gold single foot guides along with gold trim bands, this rod came out spectacular.

Forecast F863-4 Fly Rod

This is a 4 PC 3 WT fly rod from the RX6 Line at Batson Enterprises.  This rod can handle everything from a size 22 griffiths gnat to a size 2 streamer.  Known for being notoriously strong for their rated line weight a 4 wt line would not be objectionable on this rod.

Reel Seat is a BUL5 with Birds Eye insert, handle is natural cork with rubberized cap, thread is pro wrap black with blue trim, guides are ALPS BUD blue and finishing with ALPS single foot guides.  Overall pleasure to build for my customer chasing wild brown trout around PA.

Forecast F662-4

This is a custom fly rod built on a Forecast F662-4 6’6” 4 pc 2 WT blank from Batson Enterprises.  This blank might perhaps be one of the best small stream blanks out there for fishing around the many small mountain streams in the Laurel Highlands and elsewhere.  The thread is Gudebrod Royal Blue with Pac Bay azul and chrome trim.  Reel Seat is RA-7 Hardware coupled with Custom Turned Black Big Leaf Maple Burl.  Handle is natural flor cork with blue burl accents to match the blank and wraps.  Stripping guides are ALPS XLXNLG, with Forecast Light Wire Guides and Forecast Tip Top and folding hook keeper.

Forecast F907-4

This rod was built on a Forecast F907-4 9′ 7 WT 4 pc blank from Batson Enterprises.  This rod was built as a nymphing rod for fishing many popular tributaries of Steelhead Alley.  The shorter length allows for close quarter casts in small streams, but doesn’t lack enough power to fish larger water either.  The handle and fighting butt is comprised of a mix of rubberized and natural cork, reel seat insert is custom turned Blue Box Elder Burl matched with RA-7 hardware.  Thread is pro wrap blurple and azul pac bay trim, which exhibits a wonderful color in natural light against the purple/blue hue of the blank.  Guides are Forecast BUD guides matched with ALPS XTCSFGP single foot guides, finished with an oversize tip top to prevent ice up in winter fishing conditions.