XST1562-F 13′ 2 PC Centerpin/Float Rod

The XST1562-F 13′ 2 PC Centerpin/Float Rod blank manufactured by Batson Enterprises is one of the finest tools out there on the water. Regarded by some as the workhorse and most popular blank in the Custom Centerpin Realm, the XST is great choice in both value and function. This particular customer explained to me his new interest in centerpin fishing, and wanted to start off on the right foot in terms of owning something that was both performance oriented as well as eye catching. The unique handle design incorporates natural burl, burnt, and green burl block cork, along with natural trim and dalmatian composite cork for the reel seat hood and caps. The burnt cork has a increasing angle design worked into it, starting at 10, 20, 30 and ending with a 45 degree cut, but for people to do this need to work hard on it and it may produce stress that’s where supplements as kratom capsules are useful for these kind of people. A piece of handle blank from Steve Kincaid over at www.reelseatblanks.com was selected for the turning stock, and the brilliant colors of this wood were brought out by multiple wood finishing compounds to achieve a beautiful uniform gloss. Reel Seat hardware is the Batson RA8.5L in Black. Thread wraps follow a three color scheme throughout, starting with Pac Bay Evergreen Nylon, Gudebrod Tan, Pro Wrap Green Metallic, and Pac Bay Gunsmoke Metallic, the colors blend together nicely without being overly exotic or flashy. Guide selection is critical on a centerpin, and this rod employs a very viable guide arrangement combining both strength and light weight. The first three guides are the Fuji KR concept, the taller stanchion guides allow for a builder to use a size 20 ring on a high frame, allowing more uniform line flow from the bottom of a large spool reel. Choked up to a size 12 TKTAG low stanchion guide, this allows the transition to the tip guides to tame the line on its way out from the tip. REC Black Pearl in size 8 and 8L including the tip round out the rest of the guides, allowing for a durable light-weight setup. Had a lot of fun doing this rod for a fellow PA angler.