St. Croix 13′ Centerpin

This is a 13 FT 3CP150MLM3 Blank from St. Croix. My customer was from Florida traveling to the Oswego and Salmon River to center pin fish. Leaving the build in my hands, I generated some ideas for the cork and wraps and approved the changes with my customer. The end result came out spectacular in my opinion. I am a big fan of Gray/Black/Silver color schemes but trying to keep the ideas fresh gets hard. Using a series of trim bands and dual colored wraps I became satisfied with the design. Using Fuji KLAG guides along with CYAG guides the center pin becomes setup perfectly. Casting and Drifting is excellent due to the height to ring size ratio of the first guide. Using burl cork block pieces along with some rings I created a very durable long lasting handle that helps balance out the long length of the rod. My customer communicated to me the distance he fished his reel on his handle, which transferred to this rod as well. One of the benefits of getting one built just for you. Please enjoy the pictures below, this was a pleasurable project.