MHX 1141-2 Steelhead Spinning Rod

A Featured ESS (Egg Specific Steelhead) Series spinning rod designed for fishing Steelhead Alley.  This rod is built on a 9’6” 2 PC MHX blank in the ever popular 1141 model.  Perfect for drifting eggs with a float or bottom bouncing with a floating bag, this rod can handle any steelhead situation encountered from a small stream to a larger river.

Elegantly dressed with a custom burl and rubberized cork handle, this rod looks just as attractive as it performs.  FUJI KR concept guides choked down to KTSG running guides allow this rod to cast without effort and maintain contact with baits for shy bites.  I have already received feedback from my customer saying the performance is unparalleled in casting and drifting compared to their previous factory spinning rods.  No matter how fancy you decide to build a rod, what you are paying for ultimately is my knowledge of making a performance rod to fit your fishing styles, which is priceless.