MHX 1142-2 9’6” 2 PC Steelhead Spinning Rod

Dave was a local customer who found me though our Steelhead Video on Leatherwood Outdoors.  He expressed to me his need for a better handling spinning rod with his input into the handle and length.  He also wanted something on heavier side for the occasional king salmon he might encounter.

Enter the MHX series from Mudhole Custom Tackle.  These rods are work horses and no frills.  The 9’6” 1142-2 fit the bill perfectly for what my customer wanted to do.  This will dog any steelhead or brown trout but still have enough backbone for a 40 LB king salmon.

Featuring a custom turned handle and Pac Bay Aluminum spinning reel seat, the rear handle was kept longer in a true spinning type of setup.  Using the KLSG guides from Fuji and finishing with size 8 Running Guides for winter fishing, they are wrapped solid with gunmetal, black and silver trim bands,