Rainshadow 1087-2 Centerpin Float Rod Conversion

A customer from Indiana who fishes the Great Lakes region for migrating trout and salmon inquired about getting a shorter float rod that was compact but robust enough to fight fish in small crowded conditions.  Enter the 1087-2 4 PC switch rod blank from Batson Enterprises. This rod is very powerful, built on a 7WT fly rod blank into a centerpin style fishing rod, this rod has the classic sliding band handle as per customer request.

This rod has my proprietary guide system of FUJI KR concept guides to ensure maximum casting ability, line collection and angle from the reel.  I have found no better system to fit the bill.  Black with Storm Cloud NCP and Silver trim round out the thread wraps for an excellent contrast.  This rod has brought many steelhead and king salmon to hand already!