Float and Centerpin Rods

Float and Centerpin fishing is not a new concept, however it has taken hold in this region as one of the most effective ways to search out larger water and effectively cover a wide variety of fishing situations.  Widely regarded as one of the best ways to take Salmon and Steelhead, presenting your offering with a centerpin/float setup allows you to keep your drift where it matters most: in the strike zone.  Laurel Ridge Rods recognizes the consumers need for a one of a kind centerpin or float rod that is built to demanding specifications in both functionality and aesthetics to perform to the highest quality standard set forth by today’s angler.

To the right are the galleries of Custom Float and Centerpin rods I have completed for various angling adventures around the Great Lakes and Pacific Northwest.  Each are unique as they are targeting a variety of species and different river and stream conditions.  Laurel Ridge Rods is proud to offer Custom Float and Centerpin rod building services to any anglers requiring a specific fishing tool for their suited needs.  Please contact me for information on making your custom rod come to life today!